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Month: March 2017

Why University Identification Playing cards Are Vital

Most educational institutions all over the country have started out using school identification playing cards. This is for educational institutions all the way from elementary educational institutions to Universities. There are various factors why they started out using these identification playing cards. In this report we will inform you why school identifications playing cards are so critical. The main reason is for safety factors. We have listened to lots of stories how anyone has went into a school and started out taking pictures. We have listened to stories of how little ones were kidnapped from educational institutions. They experienced to arrive up with a program that would function to keep people out of the educational institutions that did not belong there. This is wherever school identification playing cards came in. This has served in a few approaches. A single, if every single scholar has an identification card then they can confirm right away that they belong in that school. A lot of educational institutions have even incorporated anyone at the doors to test ID’s as they enter. Also if anyone visits a school they have to test in at the desk and get a momentary identification card. A lot of times they will even choose a person’s image. This allows the school to know who is in the school and make absolutely sure they are there for a legit...

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Montréal 08 mars 2013 – #manifencours #JournéeDeLaFemme… . MANIF 8 MARS / MARCH 8 DEMO Global Women’s Day 2013 Journée Internationale des Femmes 2013 LES FEMMES SE LEVENT CONTRE LA VIOLENCE DES OPPRESSEURS! Gals Increase UP Versus THE VIOLENCE! (Voir français ci-dessous) Gals in all sections of the environment demand an conclude to violence – versus women of all ages, the poor, marginalized, indigenous folks, minorities (spiritual, ethnic and gender) and the most susceptible violence versus the surroundings, economic violence of privatization and corporatization, militarized violence and occupation. Till the violence ends there can be no justice...

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The canyons of the Green & Yampa

Day 2 of 12 of road trip: After leaving our campsite at the City of Rocks in Idaho, we drove straight through to Dinosaur, Colorado. We entered Dinosaur National Monument just east of that small town (with lots of hokey dino sculptures, of course). We gathered information at the visitor center to the monument, talking with ranger Randy. We learned that the dirt road leading down into Echo Park was in good shape and that we would likely find a campsite open there. Armed with that information we drove out to Harper’s Corner to take the short hike there,...

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